Welcome to Ems dumb stuff emporium!

I went through the whole dang part one of the tutorial but i gues it didn't save! Oh well!

I even made a link to a cool website i like.

I'll just try again kittens but it won't look the same.

It's ephemeral, baby!

This is a list:

Here's a few fun facts about me and my intentions in no particullar order while I figure out how to website

I used to have a blog where I could tweak the design a bit, and thanks to that I still remember some html. I view this as a way to reconect with that. I also view this as a tether to the strange internet of my childhood, where I would click through Stumble-upon until I found something that struck a chord with me. There was so much to discover. Now it feels so much smaller and harder to find.

I study a lingusitics-related field. I love grammar, and can't imagine any thing better than to spend my time (while also getting paid) figuring out how grammatical gender even works but I fear that my delicate heart just isn't cut out for academia. Maybe I'll find another language related job. You will get 10 points if you can gues my L1 based on my little english-oopsies. Contest starts once I figure out how to put a little comment function on here.

The url I picked for this here little space may or may not be a reference to my actuall relationship to my real name.

I am one of those many assigned-as-girls who found out at the tender age of fully an adult that they have adhd, and actually hasn't just been stupid, lazy and uncaring this whole time. What a concept. Turns out most things get a lot easier when you understand why it's been a struggle, what to do about it and also meds. Still hard, but way more managable.

I love yarn. So much. Oh man

I have complicated feelings about gender (the social one, not the grammatical), but have decided to leave it at that.

I love sharks. I don't know why. I just think they are neat.

I will put more here eventually, maybe it will even be pretty and somewhat organized.